Tasty Pizza has the Best Authentic Donair!


Served on Pita Bread, topped with tomatoes, onions & donair sauce

Add Cheese$1.95$2.25$2.75$3.25
Add Extra Meat$3.25$4.25$5.25$6.25

Donair Plates

Served with Fries donair meat, topped with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, onions & donair sause

Small Donair Plate $11.00

Large Donair Plate $15.75

Cup of Extra Sauce

Small Donair Sauce $2.00

Large Donair Sauce $3.00

Extra Large Donair Sauce $4.75

Donair Pogo's

Served with donair sause

1 Donair Pogo $3.25

Dozen $36.50

Donair Egg Rolls

Served with donair sause

1 Donair Egg Roll $2.25

Dozen $25.00

Tasty Pizza
Tasty Pizza
Tasty Pizza