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If you’re craving fish and chips, you’ll find the best fish and chips in Dartmouth at Tasty Pizza. We use only the freshest haddock available and you will be able to taste the difference that freshness makes. Whether you eat in, take out or choose delivery from Tasty Pizza, you can always count on the freshest, most delicious ingredients around.


Green Onions, Tomato, Black Olives, Jalapeno Peppers, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese, Served with Salsa and Sour Cream $15.45

Add Chicken, Hamburger, or Bacon $3.65 Extra Cheese for $3.95

Favourite Sides

Club House Sandwich with Fries(Real Turkey) $14.45

Hot Hamburger with Gravy and Fries $12.30

Hot Turkey with Gravy and Fries $12.30

Large Fries $5.45

Large Onion Rings $5.45

12 Piece Chicken Fries $9.45

9 Piece Mozza Sticks $10.95

Cup of Gravy Sm. $1.65

Cup of Gravy Lg. $2.85


Chicken Burger$6.95$9.95
Donair Burger$7.25$10.45
Pizza Burger$6.95$10.45
+ Bacon$1.00$1.00

Pita Wraps

Pizza, Donair, Cold Cut, Club, Vegetarian, Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Caesar $10.45


All Poutines are made with cheese curds and homemade gravy.

Classic Poutine$8.55$12.25
Chicken Poutine-$13.95
Donair Poutine-$14.25
Hamburger Poutine-$13.95
Greek Poutine-$13.95
Extra Cheese$2.25$2.95
Extra Gravy$1.75$2.75

Bread Sticks (“Yum Yums”)

Tossed in Parmesan Cheese and Served with Donair Dipping Sauce

Small $12.95

Large $16.45


Oven Baked or Deep Fried

Pizza, Chicken, Meats, Vegetarian $15.95

Donair, Steak $16.45


Caesar or Garden $7.95

Greek $8.45

Add Chicken (Crispy or Grilled) $2.30


Lasagna with Garlic Bread $10.45

Ravioli with Garlic Bread $10.45

Chicken Wings

Your Choice of Sauce: Hot,Mild,Honey Garlic,Honey Musteard,Ranch,Sweet & Sour, BBQ

10 pcs $12.99

15 pcs $18.95

20 pcs $24.95

30 pcs $36.95

Chicken & Chips

1 pcs $8.45

2 pcs $12.45

3 pcs $14.95

Extra piece chicken $3.75

Chicken Family Pack

10 pcs chicken and 2 Lrg Fries, served with gravy & coleslaw $39.95

Special-2 pcs Chicken legs & Chips $9.95

Chicken Nuggets & Fries

6 pcs $7.95

12 pcs $13.95

Chicken Fingers & Fries

5 pcs $14.95

10 pcs $26.45

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